Information Technology in Education

  1. The School has introduced an appropriate method and technology of educational content and tutorial support – through Net based education. However the school knows that the power of technology is no substitute for educational excellence nor is the computer screen a replacement for a teacher.
  2. The School has the following IT services:
  3. a. A Web site
    b. E Mail Facilities
    c. Broadband
    d. Ability to put announcements, students results, information, students progress reports, attendance, time table scheduling, inventory etc.,
    e. Curriculum resources, news linked to curricular announcement to various competition, exams or other major educational events.
    f. On-line lessons on any subject for any class
    g. Counseling and careers
    h. Online library education aids, books, CD ROM’s etc.,
    i. Chat / Discussion centers
    j. Transportation module.

  4. Presently PACSOFT provide the IT cover to the school. We have a tie up with NIIT, reputed educationalist for computer technology who provides the latest software and curriculum. We use this to teach all the subjects either through the computer or through audio visual aids. We are collaborating with HCL for upgrading our infrastructure for the latest needs.

Value Education

  1. The epics and stories of all religions, the lives of saints and the significance of all faiths are recounted and staged in a small way, at the School assembly. They provide spiritual insights to students. The message – “there is only one religion – the religion of love, there is only one caste, the caste of humanity and only one language – the language of the heart”.
  2. The School endeavours to ensure that moral values and traditions do not take a back seat. The students are taught to develop the necessary skills for group work and co-operation so as to fit into social and professional dimensions. The learning together of values from shared experiences synergies their resources. The School by creating conditions for value education ensures that values are internalized into the psyche – two mins on a value for each lesson – relate the value to the lesson if possible.
  3. The School celebrates World day and International days – National Solidarity day, Safety day, Heritage day, Day of the deaf etc.

Newspaper In Education

Cambridge School follows the highly popular and advantageous NIE programme (Newspaper in Education). We are associated with popular and prestigious The Times of India. Teaching faculties from the above newspapers take weekly classes and have discussions with the students on relevant, topical issues. This has thus improved their awareness of happenings in the world as well as in India, as well as facilitating their spoken and written English Language skills A great many articles in to school and intra School are also organized by them in which our students participates