Emblem And Motto

Cambridge School Logo

School Emblem

The Sun, the Book, the Harp and the Clock are the symbols of the logo of the School which in unity underlines the School motto – Knowledge and Punctuality for a Bright and Harmonious Life.

Out Motto

Knowledge and Punctuality for a Bright and Harmonious Life.

  • The eternal Sun, the centre of our solar system – provides inexhaustible cosmic energy to the world.
  • The Book is the quintessential symbol of intelligence and wisdom and the benchmark of knowledge. The open book is that of transparency in ones daily life.
  • The Clock is man’s invention of precision. The two hands of the clock convey man’s vigilance and alertness to the passage of Time and the need for punctuality and purpose in life.
  • Music from the Harp emits gentle and harmonious notes expressing the need of humanity to acquire tranquility in the face of violence, terror, natural calamities and personal tragedy.
  • The design of the School logo embodies the symbols describing the ethos of the School, which altogether are enclosed in a shield – a symbol of protection.
  • The duty of the School is to protect its students from the vicissitudes of Life by imparting sound practical and lifetime education.